How to make 3D Animated Instagram pictures for the post with new Ideas

Hello There! Nowadays, Instagram is a very much popular social media platform. Right?  In this article, I will tell you How to make 3D Animated Instagram pictures for the post and share my new ideas with you which are not available on Google also. We are going to explain this topic in detail so kindly stay with us.

A lot of business owners, students, companies, agencies, you and I are also using Instagram and everybody wants to stand out of the crowd. 

But how?  Then one thing came in mind – designing, but a lot of agencies are already doing that and now everybody makes a beautiful post for his Instagram. So, you know that everybody’s looks are the same…

What is the next in this high tech market?  The Ans is 3D Animated Instagram pictures for the post.

Yeah! You read the right 3D animated Instagram post. Now you will think about how it can be possible. How can I make an Instagram post in an animated form even in 3D form?

See!  Its sounds interesting in listening whereas it will be better to see.

Come!  We tell you that how it can be made.  Kindly follow the points mentioned below and we will tell you how we did it. 

  • Choose the right size for Instagram posts.
  • What kind of Animation do you want to show in the post?
  • Which software do you use for making a 3D insta post?

Now, we discuss in detail. Let’s start without any delay.

First of all, the size of the post should be selected. Many people ask the questions, which are mentioned below.

Q. What is the best size for an Instagram post?

Ans. Generally, popular size for Instagram posts are: 
1080px by 1350px
1080px by 608px

Q. What is the right size for 3D Animation Insta post?

Ans. The size for 3D animation post for Instagram is 1080px by 1350px because it has enough height so we have good space for showing our animation.

Okay.  So, our first step is clear regarding choosing of the size.  

2. What kind of Animation do you want to show in the post?

Now, you have to decide what type of animation you want to make.  For example. You have to decide which element is in your post which can be overlapped with other walls…Like, while airplanes fly it goes out of the screen or somebody while walking goes out of the post can give 3D look.

We have decided on our 3D insta post for crockery.  We thought that crockery will be put in one post and within no time the crockery will begin to vibrate and immediately it will fly in the air suppose it is like a Magic.  Moreover, the interesting thing is that as the crockery suddenly falls, it looks it falls on the other post, and then we think that how the crockery has come out of the post.  It is called a 3D animation Post Effect.

Now, we tell you how we did it.  We tell you, as mentioned below:

3.  Which software you use for making 3D insta post?

Now, the number comes for the selection of Software in which software one should make it.  It depends on person to person.  He can make it in any software of animation in which he feels friendly.  We will make the post in After Effect.  Now, without delay, we tell you how we did it.   

How to make a 3D animated Instagram post in After Effect?

Firstly, Open AE Sofware and Press CTRL+N and Choose Size 1080×1350. Why this size is right and popular?  Because in this size there is enough height of post and our animation illusion makes it in a very better way.

How to make 3D Animated Instagram pictures for the post
Press CTRL+N

Now, we want the 3D objects and green screen objects.  You can make it in Maya and Max software or you can shoot it on a green screen.  At present, our crockery video Render on a green screen so that you can remove the green screen with the help of Keying.

Crockery renders on a green screen

And now you use different Bg after doing keying and crockery will be seen on new Bg which you chose.

And we will also require a snapshot of Instagram.  Like this….

and we can also, put it under the crockery Render like this…..

Okay.  It is also a part of our Post.

If you want to play the video which you just made in the software press ‘0’ (zero), you will find that the 3D objects were in your post and then the objects fly at the upper side, and while coming downside the objects broke down on another post.  And this the thing that can mesmerize the viewers and viewers will think how this crockery came out of the post.  It is nothing but only an illusion. Now your 3D Instagram post is ready.

Now, with the help of this article, you can also make your own Instagram post of 3D Effect.

If you don’t want to read this article due to a shortage of time and want to see how we did it. For this, we recorded a video, you can see it (link is given below). Each and every process will be easily cleared via this video.

I hope you will like our article regarding “How to make 3D Animated Instagram pictures for the post with new Ideas.”

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